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financial-plannerEurope Financial is a Wealth Management firm and is comprised of a group of specialized companies dedicated to providing the very best financial investment products and services to meet the various and unique needs of a diverse group of clients who live in the united states. Our firm caters to the European executive who is living in the united states. The group of companies has earned the distinction of being a fully integrated team of highly skilled professionals, who share a common vision and are recognized as the “trusted provider of choice.”

The Europe Financial Management Group can assure the benefits of financial independence remain within our clients’ reach. We provide our clients with timely and valuable investment advice through guidance and objective points of view. The Europe Financial Wealth Management Group, with more than $5.4 billion in total assets under management, can offer clients a wide range of trust, investment and insurance products and services. These options allow us to provide superior solutions to help individuals achieve their financial goals.

We have developed dedicated teams of professionals to provide support and advice on various trust services. We also have a group of experienced investment professionals who manage client relationships, as well as, investment services that offer a full range of investment and insurance products. Through these management teams we provide our clients with support for their daily activities, monitor their investment performances, provide reports, analyze financial goals and assess their long-term objectives.

Pinehurst National Trust Company
PNTC, founded in 1955, provides Financial Planning and Investment Management for Individuals, Estate Planning Services, Investment Management for Institutions, and Employee Benefit Programs and Services. The PNTC currently manages approximately $5.7 billion in assets for more than 7,900 individual, corporate and institutional client relationships.

Jarus Wealth Advisors LLC
Jarus Wealth is a wealth management firm in Orange County, California with substantial assets, serves as the investment advisor for high net worth individuals and institutional clients and is engaged by PNTC to manage its discretionary investment relationships. Clients seeking a financial planner Orange County have come to trust JWA as a one source firm offering investment management, financial planning, tax return preparation and wealth management under one roof.

PNTC Investment Services
PNTC Investment Services, with approximately $1.2 billion in assets, offers its clients an array of investment solutions including Fixed Annuities, Variable Annuities, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Mutual Funds, Stocks and Bonds.

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